Ways to be more attractive

8 ways to be more attractive

Ways to be more attractive

Attraction is a funny thing.

If you’re like many, you believe physical appearance is the driving force behind attractiveness. If you hold that belief, you’d be wrong.

While physical appearance plays a role, your thoughts and how you carry yourself are the dominant power behind attractiveness. You don’t have to be dressed in the latest trends or wear the right label to be attractive. You also don’t have to lose the pounds to attain your ideal body weight.

8 ways to be more attractive

Research has shown that attractive people can earn up to 14 percent more money annually than their less attractive peers.

With the right mindset, you can unveil your natural beauty

1. Have you own life

This means you accept yourself fully, both your strengths and weaknesses. Think About What You Really Want in Life. For many of us, just knowing what we want in life can be a challenge.

2. Be real.

A lot of people hide their true self by putting on false persona. When you do this, you not only obstruct your true self, you also create false relationships.

There’s no reason to hide your faults or pretend they don’t exist. Embrace your true qualities; no one expects you to be perfect.

3. Have a good hygiene

Without a checklist of personal hygiene habits, your couple isn’t going to feel safe with you.

8 ways to be more attractive

Even having an awesome personality, bad habits create boundaries in building relationships. … Many couples don’t speak about each other’s poor hygiene issues, to prevent hurting their delicate feelings.

4. Pay attention to them

Pay Attention. Is This The Simplest Relationship Key?

8 ways to be more attractive

We all know how wonderful it feels to have someone else’s undivided attention. But for some reason it becomes very easy to the pay least attention to the one person in your life who loves you more than anything else.

Of course, there are many reasons why we stop paying attention to our partners. But failing to pay adequate attention to their needs is a top cause of relationship breakdown, say the experts.

5. Tell each other secret

She is a friend you can confide in, someone you trust with your private thoughts, and who you’re sure can keep a secret

6. Passionate for something

8 ways to be more attractive

When you find yourself preoccupied with thoughts of your partner, constantly wanting to be with them, that’s a sign that your passion is growing – and that you’re falling in love.

7. Make them laugh

8 ways to be more attractive

Everyone wants a partner who gets their sense of humor. If you’re the “funny guy” among your friends, lean into it. Even science says you should: A 2006 study published in Evolution and Human Behavior asked participants how much they value their partner’s ability to make them laugh, and the results, not surprisingly, revealed that women truly care about their partner’s humor. If you’re able to make them laugh, it’s an extremely attractive quality.

8. Be their friend

Some people argue it’s better to have someone else other than your partner as your best friend. Such people may claim that a relationship with your partner is different from that with your best friend and that you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket.

8 ways to be more attractive

While these people want a lover and lifetime partner, and even profess to “love” their partners, it can be argued they don’t really “like” their partner, which (if true) points to something disjointed in the relationship that should probably be looked into.

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules about what is right or wrong in relationships. What matters is whether something works for you. But, for the vast majority of people, coupling and even marrying their best friend works beautifully.

By Olalekan Awodehinde

Olalekan Awodehinde is a seasoned investigative reporter.

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