Football Predictions

Football Predictions

Football Predictions!!! Welcome to today’s edition of The Hot Box. We had some surprising results last match day, nobody saw the west brom victory at Stamford bridge against Chelsea coming but that’s football for you,moving on we’ve got some interesting games to look forward to this weekend. So,I’m going to be dropping guide lines to aid your bets.

Fulham vs Wolves (1-2)

Manchester City vs Leeds (3-1)

Liverpool vs Aston Villa (2-1)

Crystal Palace vs Chelsea(1-2)

Burnley vs Newcastle (1-1)

Westham vs Leicester City (2-1)

Tottenham vs Manchester United (1-2

Sheffield united vs Arsenal (1-2)

Football Predictions

West brom vs Southampton (1-1)

Brighton and Hove vs Everton (1-2

Real Madrid vs Barcelona (2-1)

Real betis vs A.Madrid (1-2)

Bayern Munich vs Union Berlin (4-0)

Stuttgart vs Dortmund (1-2)

Metz vs lille (1-2)

Strasbourg vs PSG (1-3)

RKC vs Ajax (1-3)

Football Predictions

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