Romantic Captions

Romantic, they make for the perfect captions for pics with your darling.

11 Romantic Captions & Pics With Your Darling

You could even keep it simple and just post your fave photo of your partner to show them some major appreciation on the ‘Gram. No heart will be left unmelted after you post your pics on Insta with these lines.

11 Romantic Captions & Pics With Your Darling

1. “‘Til death do us part.”

2. “You are my everything.”

3. “There’s not much that you can say to stop me from falling.'”

4. “Baby, you are a lifetime.”

5. “There’s no word that can describe the way I feel.”

6. “Every kiss is whoa.”

7. “Show me the darkest parts of your heart, I ain’t gonna run.”

8. “I know you’re the one.”

9. “Even waves can’t wash away our names in the sand.”

10. “They say you know when you know, well, I know.”

11. “I would walk that broken road time and time again if it led me to your hello.”

By Olalekan Awodehinde

Olalekan Awodehinde is a seasoned investigative reporter.

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