Keep Surviving: 5 Ways to Get Through Tough Times

Get Through Tough Times

Keep Surviving: 5 Ways to Get Through Tough Times

Tough times; More than 16 million adults in the United States suffer from major depressive disorder, and a further 40 million have some type of anxiety disorder. But even without the added difficulty of mental illness, everyone experiences loss, grief, and distress at various points throughout their life.

These emotions and experiences cannot be avoided. However, if you know how to get through tough times the best way possible, you can cope with the most difficult moments of life and come back stronger. 

1. Keep a Positive Mindset

It’s all too easy to allow ourselves to fall into a negative thought pattern, especially when we’re going through a difficult period of our lives. But finding happiness is never more important than when you’re feeling your worst.

It takes practice, but one of the best things you can do to pull yourself out of a tough spot is to keep a positive mindset. Now, it’s important to acknowledge your negative feelings and allow yourself to experience the full impact of them. However, allowing yourself to sit in them for too long eventually becomes more destructive than helpful.

If you’re struggling to stay positive, sit down with a pen and a piece of paper. Write down everything you’re grateful for, from the smallest pleasure to the greatest gifts. Keep this list with you and remind yourself of the things written on it any time you notice that you’re falling into a negative pattern of thought.

2. Show Yourself Kindness

More often than not, we’re our own harshest critics. No one will ever be as hard on you as your inner voice. But why do we so often expect more from ourselves than we would our best friend or our closest family member?

The answer to how to get through tough times isn’t to push yourself to the breaking point. It’s to show yourself as much kindness as possible. 

Whether you’ve recently suffered a loss or are simply feeling burnt out, stop and take a breath. Do something you enjoy! Listen to some songs about getting through tough times while you drive around town or treat yourself to a spa day or a movie night with friends. Spend time with whatever makes you feel your best.

3. Do Your Best to Forgive

Maybe your tough time isn’t about a loss or a difficult life adjustment but is a result of something that was done, either by you or to you. If you’re feeling down because of something you did, apologize to those you wronged, and then forgive yourself.

Feeling shame or guilt is a positive thing, as these emotions help you grow as a person. But feel them, accept whatever happened, pick yourself up, and move on.

The same stands for situations where you weren’t the one in the wrong, someone wronged you instead. Don’t prevent yourself from feeling anger or sadness at the situation, but remember that resenting someone for their actions only hurts you.

One of the best quotes about getting through tough times when it comes to being hurt by someone else is “holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Allowing yourself to become consumed by toxic, negative feelings only affects you, not the person they’re directed toward.

Keep Surviving: 5 Ways to Get Through Tough Times

4. Celebrate Your Wins

In the same vein of keeping a positive mindset, it’s essential that we celebrate our wins when they come. This doesn’t have to be something as monumental as purchasing your dream home or finally getting that promotion at work.

Celebrate even the smallest victories, like getting up 30 minutes earlier to meditate, or drinking enough water throughout the day. When you become hyper-focused on your goals and the path ahead, it’s easy to feel as if you’re spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere.

Every day, take at least one moment to assess where you are in life in that exact space in time. Look back and see how far you’ve come and feel confident that you’re going to continue to move forward and improve every day.

5. Let Go of What You Can’t Control

Think about the things that have been bringing you down. Is there anything you can do to change them, or are they out of your control? If the answer falls into the latter category, it’s time to let go.

It’s easier said than done but allowing yourself to be burdened by the weight of all the things that you have no control over is a surefire way to prevent personal growth.

That said, if the source of your tough times can be changed, change them. Feeling unsatisfied with your job? There’s no wrong time to follow your dreams. Going through a rough patch in your relationship? It’s time for that tough conversation you’ve been avoiding.

To help yourself differentiate between the two, it’s a good idea to write out a list of every aspect of whatever is causing your struggle. Separate the items into things you can and can’t control and only focus on the former category.

Learn How to Get Through Tough Times With This Guide

Unfortunately, facing challenges and rough patches is an unavoidable part of life. It’s something we all must go through, probably many times over throughout our lifetime.

But if you know how to get through tough times, you can push through these difficult moments and lessen their effect on your mental health and life overall. 

By Olalekan Awodehinde

Olalekan Awodehinde is a seasoned investigative reporter.

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