#EndSARS: Protesters Reject Creation Of SWAT



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Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, announced on Tuesday the decision of the government to accede to all requests made by the protesters.

He also announced measures to reform the police system, including summoning Operatives of the defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, to Abuja and the creation of the Special Weapons and Tactics, SWAT, team to take over the duties of SARS.

The protesters rejected the creation of SWAT and announced that the protests, which spread to Kaduna, Enugu and Warri, among other cities, will continue today.

They took to their Facebook accounts and twitter pages to register their displeasure about the SWAT squad.

To them, creating SWAT is like renaming SARS.

In the reactions posted on the social media, they announced various protests points and locations today.

On twitter, they launched a hashtag against SWAT. This started trending on the microblogging site last night. There were over 55,400 tweets rejecting the new Anti-robbery Unit as at 10pm on Tuesday.

Many argued that SWAT was like giving SARS Operatives new uniforms to wear.

Hip hop artiste and Ruggedman @RuggeddyBaba said: “We thank God for that and wait to see implementation.”

J.J. Omojuwa @omojuwa posted: “This is a great start. We need quick arrests of the officers that shot and killed citizens. And we need to advance #PoliceReforms immediately.

“After all the protests, it’s time to hold government to their commitments on #PoliceReforms

“It’s time to now focus on a post-protest plan. After all the agitations and efforts over the last few days, it’d be sad to lose on the implementation front. That’s where the crux of the matter becomes policy. We need to be strategic #PoliceReforms.”

Segun Awosanya @Segalink said: “Let me tell you this for free. The Govt bent over backwards and approved all the demands including the #5for5. The President even gave the Presidential order as demanded. As we speak they are constituting an independent panel to investigate these crimes in the next five days.

“It was a long one but the demand for the immediate release of all that may have been arrested and some even charged with murder should be released unconditionally. The IGP and the panel agreed to all the terms as presented and will show this in their action.

“Progress is being made regardless and actions will speak louder. All the officers that shot at peaceful protesters will be prosecuted and you will see the outcome transparently. This affects us all. Never have I imagined living in a country where these kind of things happen.

“While the meeting was going on, we received live updates on ground and the meeting was interrupted with orders given for immediate report on what actually transpired in SURULERE. @koredebello demanded that the IGP order the Police Officers to stand down & stop shooting at people.

“The attempt to hijack the #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Movement by known elements who were against it from day one, and had to be a part now for fame & earnings is not surprising. They felt they can demonize me & take ownership by force. But they’ll fail again as always.”

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