What Your Definition For Love

Definition For Love

Love is “an intense feeling of deep affection.” Love encompasses a range of strong and positive emotional and mental states, from the most sublime virtue or good habit, the deepest interpersonal affection, to the simplest pleasure


Honesty in a relationship means always telling your partner the truth and being totally open with them, both for the big things and the little things.

What Your Definition For Love


Humility means accepting the truth that you are not always right, and that others have something to offer.


The ability to empathize with someone’s situation is key when you want to develop and understanding kind of love

Fear Of God 

It is fear combined with love and hope. 


The main goal of commitment in relationships is for each party to feel some sense of security and control.


Sacrificing in the very definition of what it means to truly love another person—and indeed, research has shown that couples are happier and more likely to remain in their relationships if the partners are willing to sacrifice for each other.

What Your Definition For Love


All healthy relationships require mutual and unguarded trust between partners. Regardless of what either partner has experienced in the past, like a cheating ex or a parent’s divorce, in a healthy relationship your partner will trust you completely. 


The art of forgiveness allows the offending partner to be pardoned, absolved and set free without punishment. 

What Your Definition For Love


Empathy is truly the heart of the relationship,” said Carin Goldstein, a licensed marriage and family therapist. “Without it, the relationship will struggle to survive.” That’s because empathy requires compassion. And, without compassion, couples can’t develop a bond.


A supportive relationship is a relationship which brings mutual benefit to both parties helping them to cope with the tough times and maximise the good times. 


Communication in relationships, at its core, is about connecting and using your verbal, written and physical skills to fulfill your partner’s needs. It’s not about making small talk.


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By Olalekan Awodehinde

Olalekan Awodehinde is a seasoned investigative reporter.

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