A winning warrior voice By Kanwai Mercy

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What actually comes to your mind when you hear this word?
Are you part of those people who stigmatize people with different disabilities?

Stigmatization is the act of describing or regarding someone as worthy of disgrace or great disapproval.

Whenever you say something bad about someone based on your perception of the person, stigma has occurred about such person.
Whoever you tell will start seeing that person in that negative way.

Come to think of it, how many people have you stigmatized?
How many people have you made to commit suicide?
How many people have you murdered with the words of your mouth?
How many people gave up on themselves because of you?

Once a person is labeled negativity in our society, others will assume that’s how it is and that person will remain stigmatized until that negative attribute is undetectable in the person.

Don’t bring anybody down with your mouth.
Even if the person has any negative attribute, it should not be from you that people will hear it.

You have killed many souls
Let your words build up, don’t bring anyone down.

Stigmatization arises from lack of awareness or lack of perception.

If people are well informed about the conditions of the people they stigmatize, or its effect, or the real truth about that condition, they would not stigmatize the people involved.

Who are the people commonly stigmatized in our society today?
People with Mental Illness
People with disease conditions

Let’s look at the Stigmatization of Sickle Cell Anemia Patient A.K.A WARRIORS and SURVIVORS

These set of people go through alot.
So how does stigmatization affect them?

It causes Discrimination.
People don’t want to have anything to do with them. They try to avoid them.
Are you reasoning with me, Isn’t this unfair?

They didn’t plan for what happened to them.
And none of these people deserve to be abandoned. You can’t contact whatever they have by relating with them. So why discriminate them?

When they are discriminated, it’s affect them psychologically.
It makes them worse.
They believe they will always be rejected everywhere they go.
So they get worse.

So by stigmatizing them, have we done anything good to them? No…
We have succeeded in pulling them down.

It brings down their self esteem
They never tend to believe in themselves.
It robs them of opportunities
It makes the see themselves as weak people
Not everyone would be willing to help them.
It causes social isolation
They won’t be able to face people.
They can’t relate with people outside.
They keep to themselves.
It leads to depression
It prevents people from getting treatment. I.e, the fear of stigmatization will not make them go for treatment. Because if people know that something is wrong with them, they will get stigmatized

Stigmatization brings people down
Take a look at yourself, what have you done?
Are you happy that you’ve labeled warriors who tend to fight for their life every second?



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