6 Ways to prevent cheating in Relationship



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Is obvious more and more marriages and relationships are falling apart because of cheating. Some people even go into relationships thinking that infidelity is just a fact of life. But affairs are not normal, and we shouldn’t resign ourselves to the inevitability of cheating.

1. Be open with each other

Try to foster a kind of relationship where you can tell each other about anything and everything. Your partner should feel safe enough to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with you. An atmosphere of honesty and compassion will help you understand each other better so that you can better fulfill each other’s needs and wants.

An atmosphere of honesty and compassion will help you understand each other better so that you can better fulfill each other’s needs and wants.

2. Understand gender differences.

Although not universally true, experts say that men and women sometimes cheat for different reasons.

  • Women sometimes cheat because they don’t feel emotionally affirmed and appreciated by their partners.
  • Women may find emotional cheating more threatening than a physical only affair.
  • Some men may minimize physical cheating without emotional involvement. Make it clear if you consider physical only cheating wrong.
  • However, it’s not true that men never cheat because of emotional neglect. Some studies have found that men cheat for emotional affirmation most.

3. Don’t live together before you marry

People who hedge when asked to show firm commitment are more likely to cheat.

  • Cheating is more likely with couples who live together before they are married. People are six times as likely to live together before marriage today than they were 30 years ago.
  • Many studies have found that people who live together are less happy overall in their relationships. You have the problems and challenges of a long-term relationship without the commitment.

4. Don’t Be Jealous, Be Better

If you suspect your partner’s attention may be drifting elsewhere, it may push them further away to become angry and critical with them. Jealousy is natural, but try to focus on wooing your partner even more with your talents and capabilities. Give them more of a reason to love and value you. Being upset with them may frighten them temporarily into being more careful, but it’s not an effective long-term strategy, and often doesn’t work in the short term either. You can’t keep a partner around reliably or happily using threats and fear.Only the positive reasons for being together hold up as glue that will protect you from others getting in on the action.

5. Do Not Stop Being Romantic

People cheat on their partners for a reason. Surely, you would not cheat just because your guts tell you to. Oftentimes, this reason is the relationship itself, as maybe your emotions already changed for your lover or the spark is already long gone.

For a relationship to be stronger, both you and your partner should make an effort to make it work. It is common for most couples to get used to each other in just a couple of months, and though nothing is totally wrong with that, too much of it usually results in both falling out of love. Don’t forget the romance in your relationship.

Even when you are busy at work, try to call your husband during breaks. Leave a small note on the bedside table whenever you go to work on mornings. Never lose time for each other as that will be the first cause of the spark being gone.

6. Choose your partner wisely.

Be honest with yourself about what you’re looking for in a partner. Do not make excuses for issues such as wandering eyes, flirting with co-workers, friends and so-on during courtship. Once you overlook potential problems at an early stage and settle because of other attributes, you can’t complain when the potential problem becomes a big issue.
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