6 Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest in Relationship



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The beginning of a relationship is always the most exciting. You’re getting to know someone new with the same interests. Chemistry is hard to come by, so it’s a great feeling when you connect with someone with potential. Unfortuntately, it’s also common for those feelings to fade.

1. He starts talking way too much about someone else.

It might be a coworker or his friend’s latest girlfriend. Regardless, it reminds you a little of the way you used to talk about him. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s got a crush on someone new. It just means that the two of you might not have the same spark that you used to, and he might be figuring that out.

2. He stops complimenting you.

There isn’t a guy out there who’ll be constant with compliments, but in the glory days, he made sure to let you know you look nice. These days, you can’t even remember the last time he even glanced away from his phone. You should always get your confidence from your own sense of self, but if he’s not regularly complimenting you, his mind is probably wandering.

3. He’ll change his pet names for you.

It used to be hun, babe, or sweetheart. Now, it’s more like he’s talking to a buddy. Or, he’ll just use your name. There’s nothing wrong with that, necessarily. But in his mind, something is switching and he’s viewing you as something other than a romantic partner.

4. Texting declines.

Back when things were going well, the two of you couldn’t stop texting. Now, it’s hours in-between messages—if not days. This is a sign that you’ve fallen off of his list of priorities. That, or he’s just running out of things to talk about with you. Don’t push it. More texts won’t make him change his mind—they’ll probably just make him feel like you’re more maintenance than he’s ready for.

5. He’ll go out more, but not invite you.

Suddenly, his guys’ nights increase. It’s important for him to have a healthy social life, but if you’re left behind, it’s pretty obvious that he’s out there remembering the perks of being single. If the two of you aren’t official but have been stuck in the flirty stage for quite some time, he’s probably giving his number out to other people.

6. There’s no longer any talk about the future.

When you first started dating, you weren’t shy to bring up marriage or kids. But these days, he squirms a little when the future comes up and it’s not because he’s busy ring shopping. Next time bring up your timeline, pay close attention to his reaction. It’ll tell you everything you need to know.





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