5 Tips to know if you are in love



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If you’re wondering about whether or not you’re in love, there are several ways to tell. The biological processes behind love cause physical side effects as well as subtle changes in your behavior. Paying close attention to yourself and how you interact with your partner can help you tell if you’re in love.

1. Ask yourself if your partner factors into your decisions.

When in love, people are more likely to base decisions around their partners. This doesn’t just apply to major decisions, like whether to take a job or move to a new city. Even minor decisions may be based around your partner’s tastes.

  • When in love, even daily priorities will make you think of your partner. When you get dressed in the morning, for example, you might find yourself picking an outfit you think your partner would like on you.
  • You’ll find yourself willing to experience new things based on your partner’s interest. For example, you may suddenly want to go hiking if your partner enjoys it even though you’re not normally an outdoors person. You may want to listen to music and watch movies outside the realm of your usual tastes just because your partner is interested in them.


2. Take stock of your opinion on your partner.

Obviously, examining how you feel about your partner can help you tell if you’re in love. However, it’s not always in ways you would consider. In addition to considering traditional factors like butterflies in your stomach, take note of how you feel about him or her as a person.

  • Do you think your partner is special? When in love, people tend to magnify positive qualities of another person while ignoring or overlooking the negative. You should think your partner is somehow objectively special and stands out from other people.
  • Do you find yourself missing your partner a lot when you’re apart, even for short periods? When people are in love, especially in the early stages, they want to be together all the time. How much you miss a person can relate to how fond you are of him or her. Think about how much you miss your partner. This can be a strong indicator of whether or not you’re in love.
  • Do you like your partner as a person? It sounds strange, but many people have lustful relationships that seem like romantic love with people they don’t really like. When you’re in love, you should think your partner has a desirable personality. An underlying friendship, or at least mutual liking, is an important predecessor to love.


 3. Consider whether you support your partner’s success.

You should genuinely want your partner to succeed if you’re in love. If you’re in love with someone, you’ll find yourself thrilled for his or her personal triumphs.

  • People often feel inferior in the face of the accomplishments of others, even close friends, but what’s different about romantic love is that you don’t feel this sense of inferiority when your partner succeeds.
  • Even if you have not been successful or have suffered recent failures, you will still feel happiness at your partner’s success. This is one way that romantic partners feel connected. Your partner’s success should almost feel like your own.


4..Consider how you feel about your partner’s flaws.

While you magnify positive qualities during the early stages of love, eventually you will realize your partner is flawed. How you feel about his or her flaws can be an indicator of whether or not you’re in love.

  • If you’re comfortable admitting your partner has flaws, and can accept him or her despite them, this is a good sign. The idea of your partner as perfect only lasts so long and you should be able to accept bad qualities as well as good ones. Being able to accept negative things about your partner may help you stay committed to him or her. Are you able to talk to your partner about his or her flaws? Can the two of you laugh about them? Do you want to help your partner deal with his or her flaws if they’re getting in the way of success? If you’re invested in making your partner the best version of him or herself, this is a sign it may be love.


5. See if the two of you compromise.

When people are in love, they’re willing to compromise. When you and your partner disagree, you should be able to reach decisions that are mutually beneficial to both of you. Love means wanting another person to feel comfortable and happy, so if you’re in love you must be willing to compromise.





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