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Wizkid's Made in Lagos (MIL) album garners over 100m streams within 9 days of release
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On October 31, 2020, Nigerian superstar, Wizkid released his fourth studio album and fifth project overall, ‘Made In Lagos.’ The album features Burna Boy, Ella Mai, Tems, Tay Iwar and more. It has been heating up in conversations all day.

1.) I didn’t make music for the clubs

On October 11, 2020, Nigerian superstar, Wizkid spoke D Boy Dayo and Mansour on The Beat 103.6 FM London. The conversation lasted for 18 minutes and he addressed a few issues. In the earliest parts of the conversation, he discussed how he simply set out to make music without any pressure to create hits.

“I just wanted to tell a story of the world…On this album, I just wanted to make amazing music – real music. I wasn’t trying to make anything for radio or the clubs,” he says. “If it gets in the clubs, it’s cool but I just wanted to make real music – just showing my strength… This album is just me taking another step in my music career…”

2.) Collaborations

During the interview with Beat FM, London, Dayo asked Wizkid about how he handled collaboration requests from his peers to be on ‘Made In Lagos.’ After slightly laughing about how Dayo asked the question, he says, “I kinda broke a lot of relationships with this album, yo [laughs].

“But you guys, it’s love. It’s nothing personal, you guys know… Before I even work with any artist, we are on a wave… On a normal understanding; I work with normal people. I hate high parties. I just want normalty [laughs]. When we work, we [discuss if the song will work or not]. We keep it real at all times…”

3.) The next generation

As he told Arise TV on Independence day, he reiterated it to The Beat 103.6 FM, London that, “[My generation] is just scratching the surface. The next generation is coming to smash it… But it’s amazing that we’re doing what we’re doing, so we [inspire the next generation].”

4.) The original ‘Made In Lagos’ artwork took six months to design

The current artwork for ‘Made In Lagos’ wasn’t the original one. The original one celebrated popular Lagos landmarks and it was ideated by Wizkid and TSE. The design took over six months to complete.

He says, “Making that album cover was like another project for me… Everything that has to do with the project has to tell the Lagos story…” He says he has more stuff that he’s working on with TSE.

5.) I never really plan to make albums

On October 30, 2020, he spoke with Osi Suave on Beat FM, Lagos. When he was queried about why there’s a three year space between his last album and ‘Made In Lagos,’ he says, “I blew up really young, so when I want to make albums, I don’t really plan it. Everything that has happened to me is part of my life and growth.

“In the last three years, so many things have happened to me. I’ve been blessed with a son and so much, and we’ve dealt with so much. Believe it or not, there’s been like 10 [versions of] ‘Made In Lagos’ before this one.”

Wizkid then says he’s continued to record though. He then says that his kids are responsible for the joy he currently feels.

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